De Franse vertaling van Zie mij graag wordt in mei 2024 uitgegeven door Éditions Gallimard, vertaling door Isabelle Rosselin. Rechten verkocht door Cecile Barendsma bij Cecile B. Agency.


Een gelaagde roman vol tederheid en suspense over familie, verlangens en fantomen. Over weglopen van het verleden en toch weer omkijken. Over bang zijn om pijn te doen en toch weer kwetsen. Over hoe ver we gaan om gezien te worden. Als wie we zijn. Of wie we liever waren geweest.

De Vlaamse zusjes Lieve en Margot rijden met hun vader, gevierd auteur Saul Mertens, terug naar huis na een feest als de auto van de weg raakt en verongelukt. Niemand begrijpt hoe het ongeluk op zo’n stille landweg heeft kunnen gebeuren. Vijftien jaar later worstelen beide zussen nog steeds met de gevolgen. Als de excentrieke Saul verdacht wordt in de geruchtmakende verdwijningszaak van een jong meisje, heeft dat ingrijpende consequenties voor zijn dochters. Lieve keert terug naar het dorp waar ze is opgegroeid om te achterhalen wat er is gebeurd. Kun je het verleden kennen? Hoe sterk zijn familiebanden? En hoeveel kun je vergeven?

Zie mij graag wordt in Nederland en België uitgegeven door Lebowski Publishers, Overamstel Uitgevers. Auteursportret door Yvette Kulkens Photography


SHADOWLAND is a gripping novel about (shadow) identity, family and severed ties. How strong are family connections? How much are we  willing to forgive? And what risks are we prepared to take to unveil the shadows of our pasts?

Belgian sisters Grace and Margot are driving home with their father, bestselling author Saul Mertens, when the car crashes into a tree on a quiet country road. No one understands how the accident could have happened.

Fifteen years later, both sisters are still struggling with the consequences of the accident. Then, the eccentric Saul becomes involved in the high-profile disappearance case of a young girl.

The sisters react differently to the accusations: Margot believes firmly in her father’s innocence, while Grace returns to her hometown to delve into what really happened. Slowly, she uncovers a truth that will change everything she thought shew knew, a truth she may well wish she had never known.


about Sarah Meuleman’s books

This clever, dark, and engrossing debut will suck readers in with its great story, exemplary writing, and spot-on pacing. With a wonderful twist at the end, this page-turning thriller is highly recommended.” – Library Journal, starred review 

“Unpredictable and suspenseful. . . . Will entice readers looking for something to keep them guessing until the end.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Belgian author Sarah Meuleman’s fascinating, multilayered debut shifts between countries and time periods… This intelligently written psychological thriller provides much food for thought.” – Publishers Weekly

“One of the year’s most POWERFUL debuts.” – Crimereads

“One of the BEST NOVELS of 2018. Operates like a rubber band being stretched.” – Marie-Claire USA

“FIND ME GONE is one of those rare novels that you’ll be thinking about long after you’ve finished it.  Vivid, complex, and completely immersive!” – Tess Gerritsen

“Lush with literary mystery and masterful suspense, Sarah Meuleman’s impressive debut marks her as a writer to watch.” – Tatiana de Rosnay, author of Sarah’s Key

“Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and J.P. Delaney!” – Booklist

“Een fraaie entree in de literaire arena.” De Volkskrant

“Geraffineerd spel met taal (…) Meuleman heeft veel ballen hoog te houden en dot dat met verve. Kruipt onder je huid.” – Het Parool, ****

“Meuleman is een kei in het scheppen van sfeer.” – Marnix Verplancke, Knack, ****


From author Sarah Meuleman comes a haunting, whip-smart debut novel about second chances and the lengths one young woman will go to keep her dark secrets sealed in the past.

1996. In a sleepy Belgian hamlet, the residents are reeling from the disappearance of several young girls. But twelve-year-old Sophie knows what it’s like to never truly feel safe. The only time she feels secure is when she’s with her best friend, Hannah. When Hannah starts dating handsome Damiaan, Sophie feels left out. With each day, Sophie feels Hannah drifting farther from her. Then, one dark November night, Sophie fails to return home after a high school dance—and is never seen again.

2014. Hannah is a successful celebrity columnist in New York, but she craves a deeper subject. In an effort to reclaim herself and her writing, she gives up everything—her fiancé, her job, her in-crowd friends—and retreats to Brooklyn to write a book about famous authors Agatha Christie, Barbara Follett, and Virginia Woolf, three women who struggled with family, loyalty, and ambition, and each of whom vanished without a trace.

Hannah’s attempt to narrate these women’s lives triggers memories she has long suppressed. Gradually, she unravels the truth about what happened to Sophie on that dark November night. FIND ME GONE is a breathtaking, whip-smart debut, equal parts thriller and tender coming-of-age story.